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I have to find 3 competitions/commissions that I can take part in, and document the process, conversations and work progress. I decided to start looking at websites that companies post live competitions to design something for them and win money for it, and having your design to be used by them.
Any professional worldwide competitions get posted here for you to compete in.
A website dedicated to displaying competitions catered for students, with different categories.
A website that is regularly updated with live contests.
Here you can create a design, and people can search for a specific category and if yours is there, they can buy it from you or make an offer.

The ideal type of competition is one like those listed below. Companies post a brief of what they require, and you have the option to create a design for them. If you are the winner you will earn money and to have your design used by them. You can modify your design along the way, as there is also a comments option to discuss/improve the designs. Some have the option to view the country that the company is located in. This could be beneficial so that you can choose a company from the same country as you, and it could lead up to visiting them for more work in the future.

I’ve seen a lot of designs on these competition websites that look all fancy with glows, shadows, fades etc. But what you have to consider when making something like a logo is the intention of it. They will more than likely require it to be used for printing staff clothing, car wraps, stickers and such. Most of the designs that won on these sites are simplified, they have the fancy logo with emboss, lighting effects etc, but they also have a simplified version in black/white, so that it can be printed with for clothing too. There’s always more to think about with a design than you will do yourself. I guess this is why they have a discussion section for each logo competition, so that amendments can be made for the intentions. You can’t fully satisfy a client without any form of discussion between yourself and them directly.

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