Creating car pages

25 Jan

So i am now creating the pages for the 9 chosen cars from the Porsche website. I created the layout for each page and correct titles but couldn’t figure out why the <href> images on the homepage weren’t redirecting. After analyzing the code that I had written I realized that I missed out a closing <div> tag. Missing a simple error like this means that the website will not fully function properly. It’s one of those things that you spend so much time focusing on creating the content that you forget to ensure you don’t miss to add/close a tag or two. Similarly, if a closing <div> tag is missing on “#page2” or any besides the homepage, it will also not work correctly, because they are all created within the same .html file. A lesson well noted on my behalf for the remainder of the coding process!

Additionally, whilst creating the dropdown menus for the “text” portion of the pages, I came to another problem which was a code issue, but because there was too much of it. I was including this portion of code for each collapsible menu;

<div data-role=”collapsible”>

But, by repeating the collapsible-set <div>, it messes up the webpage and causes it to either display a handful of the lists, or just the first one as shown below;

To fix this, I decided to only include one “collapsible-set” and repeat the “collapsible” <div> for each list, which seemed to fix the error.

In terms of the content for the paragraphs, I tried to keep it as simple as possible; specifications, colours available and price. The reasons for this is because of what I keep repeating; people use their smartphone’s internet browsing for quick browsing on certain websites, so they won’t want to read about the years of manufacturing and how they came across to create the shape and design of the car. Here’s a rundown on how many sections they have for each of their categories so that you can get an idea of how much information on each car I am restricting my webapp from, this is only for “Boxster”;

  • Concept – 4
  • Drive – 13
  • Chassis – 6
  • Safety – 8
  • Comfort – 13
  • Environment – 3
  • Colours – 4

What you have to understand is that the majority of the information that will be given on a car website will be generic; giving information such as “this car includes a steering wheel”, and “it is fitted with an airbag”. The information that will be included in my webapp for each page is what you want to know, the top speed, car weight etc.

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