Interactive Design – Initial thoughts

02 Jan

This module has a slightly bigger choice of interactive media that I can create and programs to use than the Motion Graphics module. From the beginning I decided to choose Porsche cars, because of their clean, stylish design which suits my interests of design, but also because there will be a lot of assets for me to incorporate into my interactive product due to how big they are in the car industry. I thought that I would either make an application for android, or create a web app. I decided against the alternatives of a website/iphone app for separate reasons; A website would become a repeat of another brief we have, and it would be difficult to create something different when the chosen theme already has a perfectly functional one, and iPhone apps require you to buy a license which costs around £100 per year. The use of web 2.0 is becoming rapidly dependent on mobile technology, to the point where people will rarely sit down on a computer to visit a website or do what they normally would, because it is all available on their mobile phones. This is why for me, I feel that creating a web app would be the perfect choice, so that I can stay up to date with how technology is evolving. It will also give me an idea to learn more about it, as I was unaware of mobile versions of websites and web apps being such a big deal. It’s one of those things you often don’t think about because you are easily consumed by all of the different technology that is available to you.

The next stage for me is to begin looking at Porsche’s website to get an idea of their housestyle and what kind of assets I can include into my interactive media product. From there I can draft a design and figure out some ideas of what I will be making. I will also need to compare the style to similar websites, and look at web apps for companies to see the general style and what features they include.  I will have to be careful with the design; such as the font type/size and the choice of images, taking into consideration that the final product is for the intention of being used on a mobile phone rather than a computer. This will mean that I will have to test my web app whilst creating it to correct any sizing errors I may create.

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Posted by on January 2, 2013 in PCA - Interactive Design


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