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02 Jan

I was hoping that Porsche wouldn’t already have created a mobile version of their website so that my ideas could be entirely based upon my ideas analyzing their website initially. But now knowing what they do have, I see what I could create if I had more knowledge with creating websites for mobile.

You can see the images taken of the mobile website below, and will be able to notice that the style is still consistent with the main website version. This is something that is very important with a business when you create something for them which will be used on multiple devices. It’s a similar idea to what I was thinking to create, so my ideas haven’t been swayed entirely.


I spent some more time comparing the mobile version of the website to the original, and there isn’t really anything to fault it on with making them relate to each other  This version is the main portion of the original website on a mobile, without the large background image of a Porsche and empty areas on the sides and footer of the web page. This means that I will need to create something different, or create something similar which isn’t an exact copy of what has already been created.

Here’s a view of the layout compared with my new idea;

Porsche web design Porsche webapp design

You can see that the website itself is very basic, which I feel is what it should be for a website designed for smartphones. I have decided to go for a gallery style website, where the user will click on an image and be redirected to a specific page to that image; here being the chosen Porsche model. There will also feature a menu underneath for general information such as contacting, finance etc (the categories displayed on the original website). I intend to add a button to post on facebook/twitter as this seems to be a regular occurrence on the business websites that I have researched, and also appears on Porsche’s website.

There is a total of 32 different cars that Porsche display information about on their website. For the purpose of creating a web app I will limit the number for my design to 9, so that it can fit to my initial design, and restrict myself from making the design become a copy and paste job for the majority of the work.

Do I feel that the design I have adapted to from the original is better than the current for the purpose of a website on smartphones? Yes, simply because the navigation is quicker and easier to find what you are looking for. As I have mentioned time and time again, you use the internet on a smartphone for quick browsing, so you want there to be a deal of functionality on the websites that you visit so you can spend less time trying to click the right button or view an image you can’t find. I admit that a list of the cars is as simple as it could get, but I think that by relying on an image of each car as a substitute of this, it would be visually more appealing to the public, and thus would make this version used more than possibly what it is currently.

The main issue with a mobile website is the buttons. If they are too small then it will become frustrating to use, but if they are too big then it will look ugly and like a set of “tetris” boxes rather than a website. But considering the reduced screen resolution and size compared to viewing it on the computer, you do have to adapt, and allow for a lot of the text information and wallpaper images of the cars to be removed. The reasoning for this is that you would be forced to do a lot of “scrolling” and “pinching” to read the text and zoom in on the images. This will result in the webpages being slower to load, and you’re eyes can become easily tired when having to read lots of text from a smartphone device. This is why I intend to create a simple web app, with boxes containing an image of each of the 9 chosen cars, as opposed to a scroll-down list. There will also be a drop down menu that will feature the additional information, such as is included on the main website so that there is a continuity; meaning that you can view the web app I am creating and instantly recognize it with Porsche  but also not feel you have to view the website version to get information that wasn’t available here.

Given that I was making this web app for Porsche officially with this design, then the boxes would contain each type of Porsche car, that would then redirect you to a list similar to that of their current design, to pick the version of that type of car. This would mean that all 32 cars aren’t featured directly on the homepage; cluttering up what you want to be very basic.

The following pages for when you click an image to view information about the cars, will be much the same to the current pages. My intention was to include a slideshow set of images for the chosen car, and a list of categories to view information about the car. However, as you can see this style has already been applied to the current website, so I will need to vary things up a little so that it is not an exact clone of the original.

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