Finishing touches

05 Nov

So with the animation complete, I decided to check it over for any errors, or to see if there was anything I could think of to add. I decided to add an animation for the spray object to appear on the screen, and created a final screen. The final screen is somewhat a generic one, as it displays all the information about the product/company/contacts.

I felt that the animation lacked the addition of text for the majority of the video until it reaches the credits. So I decided to add some keywords to appear whilst the water is sprayed from the product, as it is the perfect time for it.

The glossary in Flash makes it easy to add simple code into the animation, without having to begin with ActionScript 3 to implement code.

I had the intention to create a voiceover to support what is being shown on the screen. It’s standard for promotion adverts to have a voiceover to explain what is being shown on-screen, so it is more of a requirement than a last minute addition. I decided to include a small bit of code to stop the animation looping and replaying the video through constantly. I was restrained to time in the end for it and could not include it.

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Posted by on November 5, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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