05 Nov

Being tasked to create an advertisement for a product, I chose the product of a cleaning spray, as a branch-off to Powerade. I had intentions to include more than I did, but due to the limit of time I had given myself and comparing it to Powerade’s own adverts I chose not to include them. I wanted to include some typography to form the shape of the product, but Powerade focuses more on showing a live showcase of the product in action, and uses words to describe it at the end and during.

I feel that besides what had not been included, I was able to follow the storyboard through and achieve an animation that I intended. The most successful part would be the intro, with the animated radial stripes. The video was more of a learning curve for me, as I had previously used flash for a game. I did learn new things however, most importantly how you can convert an image to a movie clip, and by entering the movie clip and converting the image inside to a graphic and animate it, you can then have it as an image you can repeat at different stages in the animation, and also include different sizes/colours of it, but keeping the animation the same.

I feel that it could have been improved a lot, which had become a downfall mainly because of myself. I didn’t give enough time to achieve what I wanted, and thus was not able to include any audio and further research. I chose a safe kind of animation rather than the “onion skin” or stop-motion. With the choice of animation I feel that it worked and I was able to create something effective. I would have liked to create something longer as it just reached the 20 second requirement, and I could have experimented with a different technique to make things a little more interesting.

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Posted by on November 5, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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