05 Nov

When I started the creation, I thought I would start a fragment of the animation at a time, so that I can get each bit done one step at a time, so I don’t make the mistake of over thinking it all from the beginning and creating more problems for myself. My initial thought to have some type of typography to be animated and form the shape of the product was removed, as I felt that now I had chosen a brand to cater for, it would not suit the general style of their adverts to have it.

I had a few learning curves along the way, such as figuring out the spiral rotation, and the water washing effect. I realised that to simply have 2 key frames and have a motion tween, while making the second key frame be rotated 360 degrees will not rotate the image. To do so, I had to have several key frames, and have them rotate the same amount of degrees for the same duration, which would in effect create a full 360 degree rotation. I managed to create an accidental effect where it rotated again, thus giving a glimpse of the kitchen image before the stripes had disappeared  I’ve found that a lot of the time you may have a plan set in stone for how it will look, but you will end up creating something by accident that you will use for your creation.

The wash effect with the water was possibly the most difficult part for me to get my head around. I was trying to think of how it could be done, to show the kitchen being cleaned and the clean version of the kitchen to appear on the other end. Instead of playing around with masking and most likely not creating my desired effect, I decided to go with a right-to-left animation of an image to represent water, to have it then fade out into the image of the clean kitchen.

There was another issue when I was sizing my images. When I did hold shift and dragged to change the size but keeping proportions, it didn’t re-size from the center of the image. To fix this, I hovered over the center of the image where there is a dot, right clicked and chose “set transformation point”, which fixed the error.

To conclude, I feel that the creation of the animation was smooth, and I learnt a few new things along the way, as explained above. I am happy with how it turned out, and think that I was able to bring my storyboard to reality, given that how the final product looks, is how I had imagined it.

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Posted by on November 5, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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