05 Nov

Before creating my animation I decided to design all of the assets that I intend to be using for it. Here’s a list of what I will be needing:

Vector artwork from Adobe Illustrator:

  • Typography shape
  • Spray
  • Radial stripes (2 colours)
  • Kitchen (clean and dirty versions)
  • Water wash
  • Stars
  • Logo

Artwork created directly from Adobe Flash:

  • Text (slogans, overlay messages)
  • Background colours
  • Saturated background colour

Additional assets:

  • Sound files
  • Voiceover

Creating the logo required me to search for what the font was called. I used a website called “What the font” ( By uploading a black and white image of the font’s letters, it then searches for the font and gives a match of different possibilities. The font was found and named as “Bitsumis”. Most companies brand their logo from a font, but change a few letters slightly so that it can be classed as something unique. I noticed that the P had a similar effect edited to what the capital R looks like. This was a simple edit in Photoshop, and I was able to re-create the logo in a big enough size to convert as a vector for Illustrator/Flash.

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Posted by on November 5, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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