Researching ideas for animation

22 Oct

I decided to start looking into the designs of others who have created work which relates to what I am hoping to achieve. I have seen this style of text animation a lot lately, but didn’t know what it was called until now. It’s titled “Kinetic Typography”. Kinetic being part of the name is to mean that it is moving text, so you can interpret that however you want to and still relate it to this theme of animation so long as you use text only. It has most commonly been used or enhancing simple pieces of media, such as a voice message, or creating an interpretation to a music video. The different sizes, colours and animation effects should create the representation for the chosen word each time.

Shop Vac

This video demonstrates a wide range of techniques that are available with Kinetic Typography. They have used graphics and text to animate in relation to what is being described, and also in some cases, made the 2D artwork appear 3D.

A channel on vimeo dedicated to kinetic typography:

After Effects Template – Mega City

This video shows how you can include typography, being placed on top of video footage and making it look like it is part of the original footage.

“What’s he building in there”

This video demonstrates using typography to form the shape of objects. This relates for my project as I hope to create kinetic typography which will then form the shape of the product being advertised.

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