Plan for storyboard

17 Oct

My idea was set in stone since I decided to switch my initial idea to the theme of a cleaning product. I have included some additional parts to the animation whilst planning the storyboard along the way.

Most cleaning product adverts are catered towards women due to the stereotype that women clean the house, relating back to the 1900s when traditionally women cleaned the house and men worked. However, in our modern age more and more men are doing the cleaning themselves, and so I will try to incorporate this with my animation.

Media: Text
Animation: Fly into the screen, small to big text. Will form the shape of the object
Sound: Appearing text spoken in a shouting voice

Media: Graphic background, vector of item
Animation: Typography fades into vector version of object. Background shoots out, then rotating
Sound: Celebratory sound, name of product

Media: Vector of item, Background colour
Animation: Wash from brown to white, vector object spraying animated water
Sound: Water spraying

Media: Text, vector of item
Animation: Text appearing on the screen, vector item shining
Sound: Voice over to link with the text on the screen as it appears

The idea is that I will make an advert for a cleaning product that will apply towards the male audience. To achieve this, I will use bright colours, a man’s voice to relate and trying to keep it fairly simple but changing regularly to keep the viewer’s attention.

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Posted by on October 17, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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