15 Oct

Screenshot showcasing Video Copilot

So I began my research looking at recognisable companies; Samsung, Apple, Sony. Alot of their promotional work includes some form of 3D art, or special effects. This meant that if I were to try and follow their style, I would need to learn more about Adobe After Effects. A good website for this is Videocopilot. Given that you have patience to watch the long videos, the tutorials are very in-depth and you learn how to create certain effects, with the explanation of each setting which is changed and what it does. One which seemed useful to me was the tutorial explaining how to create an effect for a 3D model, specifically the iPhone 5. This displays a typical advert for the phone companies, and would be the style of the finished product that I was going to aim for.

Knowing my timeframe, and how little I remember of Adobe After Effects after watching the tutorial (I had no knowledge of a 3D option back then), I realised that I would need to make my product more manageable in the few weeks that I had, so that I can learn what I need to and create it in time.

I decided that I would head towards creating a flash animation, which meant changing my theme to suit it more. I decided to create an advert for a product, more precisely a cleaning product. This could mean creating a flash banner, something used to be displayed on website as an advert. You’ll see a lot of these on most websites.
Flash banners

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Posted by on October 15, 2012 in PCA - Motion Graphics


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