Module brief – Motion Graphics

15 Oct

For this module I am required to create a 20-60 second video or animation to promote a chosen product of choice. Naturally, I will need to research into the audience of the chosen product, and see similar videos which are advertising products in the same category. This will benefit me as I will be able to gain a better understanding with what I will need to create, and what techniques I will need to replicate or do something similar to. The effects, sound, and choice of images/text will be important, as I need to cater for the audience that will relate to the product.

I will start by researching artists who create animation/video promotions and find similar products for this. Then I will try to create a storyboard of my intentions for my design, and what I am hoping to create. The final steps will be to learn how to create the desired effects and to then put it together.

I have small previous experience of flash/video editing from my previous course where we were introduced to Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects. The workshop sessions this year have been vital for me to recap on what I have forgotten, as I didn’t get a chance to continue using the software since I left the course, due to lack of extra free time to learn and my job being related to using other software.

Initially i’ve had the intention to create something which looks really professional, but given the timeframe to finish the product (now just over a month away), I need to be practical and downscale the ideas which I will implement for the product I am creating.

My initial research was looking at mainstream brands such as Samsung, Apple and Nokia, that use 3d artwork and live footage with the public to advertise their work. I realised that this wouldn’t be possible with my given timeframe and lack of experience in the required programs.

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