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Branding of the product

I realised that creating a completely new brand for the product may take longer than the time I have to produce the animation, as I would have to create an identity, logo and colour theme for it. If I work with a brand that is already active, I can mimic their logo/colours and save myself the time. It will make things easier too, and would become an adaptation to the “what if”.

I’ve decided to go with powerade, as during the initial stages of creating the assets I started to think of colours. Powerade focus on different coloured drinks for the different flavours, and I could do a similar thing for different smells of the cleaning product I am advertising.

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Researching ideas for animation

I decided to start looking into the designs of others who have created work which relates to what I am hoping to achieve. I have seen this style of text animation a lot lately, but didn’t know what it was called until now. It’s titled “Kinetic Typography”. Kinetic being part of the name is to mean that it is moving text, so you can interpret that however you want to and still relate it to this theme of animation so long as you use text only. It has most commonly been used or enhancing simple pieces of media, such as a voice message, or creating an interpretation to a music video. The different sizes, colours and animation effects should create the representation for the chosen word each time.

Shop Vac

This video demonstrates a wide range of techniques that are available with Kinetic Typography. They have used graphics and text to animate in relation to what is being described, and also in some cases, made the 2D artwork appear 3D.

A channel on vimeo dedicated to kinetic typography:

After Effects Template – Mega City

This video shows how you can include typography, being placed on top of video footage and making it look like it is part of the original footage.

“What’s he building in there”

This video demonstrates using typography to form the shape of objects. This relates for my project as I hope to create kinetic typography which will then form the shape of the product being advertised.

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Plan for storyboard

My idea was set in stone since I decided to switch my initial idea to the theme of a cleaning product. I have included some additional parts to the animation whilst planning the storyboard along the way.

Most cleaning product adverts are catered towards women due to the stereotype that women clean the house, relating back to the 1900s when traditionally women cleaned the house and men worked. However, in our modern age more and more men are doing the cleaning themselves, and so I will try to incorporate this with my animation.

Media: Text
Animation: Fly into the screen, small to big text. Will form the shape of the object
Sound: Appearing text spoken in a shouting voice

Media: Graphic background, vector of item
Animation: Typography fades into vector version of object. Background shoots out, then rotating
Sound: Celebratory sound, name of product

Media: Vector of item, Background colour
Animation: Wash from brown to white, vector object spraying animated water
Sound: Water spraying

Media: Text, vector of item
Animation: Text appearing on the screen, vector item shining
Sound: Voice over to link with the text on the screen as it appears

The idea is that I will make an advert for a cleaning product that will apply towards the male audience. To achieve this, I will use bright colours, a man’s voice to relate and trying to keep it fairly simple but changing regularly to keep the viewer’s attention.

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Screenshot showcasing Video Copilot

So I began my research looking at recognisable companies; Samsung, Apple, Sony. Alot of their promotional work includes some form of 3D art, or special effects. This meant that if I were to try and follow their style, I would need to learn more about Adobe After Effects. A good website for this is Videocopilot. Given that you have patience to watch the long videos, the tutorials are very in-depth and you learn how to create certain effects, with the explanation of each setting which is changed and what it does. One which seemed useful to me was the tutorial explaining how to create an effect for a 3D model, specifically the iPhone 5. This displays a typical advert for the phone companies, and would be the style of the finished product that I was going to aim for.

Knowing my timeframe, and how little I remember of Adobe After Effects after watching the tutorial (I had no knowledge of a 3D option back then), I realised that I would need to make my product more manageable in the few weeks that I had, so that I can learn what I need to and create it in time.

I decided that I would head towards creating a flash animation, which meant changing my theme to suit it more. I decided to create an advert for a product, more precisely a cleaning product. This could mean creating a flash banner, something used to be displayed on website as an advert. You’ll see a lot of these on most websites.
Flash banners

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Industry Expectations – Research

I have to find 3 competitions/commissions that I can take part in, and document the process, conversations and work progress. I decided to start looking at websites that companies post live competitions to design something for them and win money for it, and having your design to be used by them.
Any professional worldwide competitions get posted here for you to compete in.
A website dedicated to displaying competitions catered for students, with different categories.
A website that is regularly updated with live contests.
Here you can create a design, and people can search for a specific category and if yours is there, they can buy it from you or make an offer.

The ideal type of competition is one like those listed below. Companies post a brief of what they require, and you have the option to create a design for them. If you are the winner you will earn money and to have your design used by them. You can modify your design along the way, as there is also a comments option to discuss/improve the designs. Some have the option to view the country that the company is located in. This could be beneficial so that you can choose a company from the same country as you, and it could lead up to visiting them for more work in the future.

I’ve seen a lot of designs on these competition websites that look all fancy with glows, shadows, fades etc. But what you have to consider when making something like a logo is the intention of it. They will more than likely require it to be used for printing staff clothing, car wraps, stickers and such. Most of the designs that won on these sites are simplified, they have the fancy logo with emboss, lighting effects etc, but they also have a simplified version in black/white, so that it can be printed with for clothing too. There’s always more to think about with a design than you will do yourself. I guess this is why they have a discussion section for each logo competition, so that amendments can be made for the intentions. You can’t fully satisfy a client without any form of discussion between yourself and them directly.

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Module brief – Motion Graphics

For this module I am required to create a 20-60 second video or animation to promote a chosen product of choice. Naturally, I will need to research into the audience of the chosen product, and see similar videos which are advertising products in the same category. This will benefit me as I will be able to gain a better understanding with what I will need to create, and what techniques I will need to replicate or do something similar to. The effects, sound, and choice of images/text will be important, as I need to cater for the audience that will relate to the product.

I will start by researching artists who create animation/video promotions and find similar products for this. Then I will try to create a storyboard of my intentions for my design, and what I am hoping to create. The final steps will be to learn how to create the desired effects and to then put it together.

I have small previous experience of flash/video editing from my previous course where we were introduced to Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects. The workshop sessions this year have been vital for me to recap on what I have forgotten, as I didn’t get a chance to continue using the software since I left the course, due to lack of extra free time to learn and my job being related to using other software.

Initially i’ve had the intention to create something which looks really professional, but given the timeframe to finish the product (now just over a month away), I need to be practical and downscale the ideas which I will implement for the product I am creating.

My initial research was looking at mainstream brands such as Samsung, Apple and Nokia, that use 3d artwork and live footage with the public to advertise their work. I realised that this wouldn’t be possible with my given timeframe and lack of experience in the required programs.

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